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Beijing artist Kang Chunhui holds solo exhibition更多>>
It was there that Chavez had spearheaded what proved to be a failed coup against president Carlos Andres Perez on Feb 4, 1992. 2020-10-14
The officials have said the focus will be on 60,000 sq km (23,000 sq mile) of seabed in the Indian Ocean that could take a year to search. 2020-10-15
These special seals bear the names translated into Chinese of famous people in the UK such as William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Charlie Chaplin. 2020-10-28
In online media, the two countries can cooperate on more projects, such as the choice of internet platform, technical support, internet information security control, media data storage as well as big data, said Volin. 2020-10-31
In Chinas PC software market, more than 70 percent of the software is illegal, said Yu Weidong, general manager of the intellectual property rights department at Microsoft China, in an earlier interview with China Daily. 2020-10-25
Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, a non-governmental research organization, said the university didnt carry out the core reforms it claimed at the preparation stage, which include autonomous enrollment, awarding degrees itself rather than by the Ministry of Education as well as uprooting the bureaucracy of the university and letting professors rather than government officials manage. 2020-10-17
China Typhoon Rammasun death toll rises to 46Official apologizes for moldy relief rations. 2020-10-5
By 2009, the country had 135. 2020-10-19
Pistorius arrives for murder trial judgement day更多>>
Total investment of 50 million yuan (. 2020-10-1
BEIJING - Chinese police apprehended 123 railway ticket scalpers and 291 fugitives in a security campaign during the Chinese lunar New Year holiday. 2020-10-21
The details of his daily work show the quality of his work, as well as demonstrate his strong sense of responsibility, said Yu Wei, another bus driver and fellow employee of the Hangzhou Long-distance Passenger Transportation Company. 2015-9-31
Only two universities at the time offered a course in entrepreneurship. 2018-9-17
The bakery inside the Liaoning aircraft carrier berthing at a naval base in Qingdao, on April 18, 2013. 2016-10-24
But this is exactly what China has to do - if it wants to continue to grow relatively fast and avoid a full-blown financial crisis. 2018-1-13
Another strength we have is deep specialization. 2015-9-12
The rising demand for the low-brush blueberries and byproducts - especially from the massive Chinese market - has stimulated development of farms and related businesses and contributed significantly to the economies of five Canadian provinces. 2015-9-14
Expanding in faster and multi-language environments, all law firms are stepping up IT.
In Beijing, the education commission has set a daily time limit on how much daily homework students should do - one and a half hours.
The Renegade will be the first Jeep made exclusively outside the United States, and will first be produced in Melfi, Italy.
5-magnitude earthquake hit Ludian of Southwest Chinas Yunnan province on Aug 3, which claimed at least 617 lives and injured thousands of others.
Employees count money at a bank in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.
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After meeting big buyers at the CIE, Haas sales value in Kunshan hit 120 million yuan (.  Zhu Guangchuan, 22, will graduate from Sanya College in Hainan province this July.
It is often forgotten in the China development story that China had an open policy across the country for FDI and it was not all about the SEZs, although they obviously had the most favorable policies.  Enterprises are also welcomed to work with vocational schools to train their employees and provide internships for students of these schools.
Insider: China to surpass US to be top film market in two years更多>>
Sixty percent of the companies expressed optimism and confidence about their US investments. 2018-6-26 
The report points to three main economic benefits to Africa from Chinese investment and business activity. 2017-6-11 
Related:100kg ice cream soccer ball in GuangzhouMan learns wife is 12 years his seniorFive years after he tied the knot, a man surnamed Zheng discovered that his wife was 12 years older than him, Today Morning Express reported. 2015-8-9 
6-percent average global growth and the 4-percent growth of developing economies. 2017-6-10 
We must eradicate the poverty that exists in our minds before we can eradicate it in the regions we govern, before we can help the people and the nation out of poverty and embark on the road to prosperity, he writes in the book. 2018-4-10 
Highly ambitious regional development plans, such as The Belt and Road initiative, leveraged by financing from multinational entities such as the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) and the BRICS bank, have drawn the worlds attention, said Girado. 2016-7-7 
Over the past 10 years, the CPC has united with and led Party members and people nationwide in developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, making remarkable achievements in economic, political, cultural and social construction, improving peoples livelihoods and building the country into the worlds second-largest economy. 2015-5-23 
  Challenges for Chinas outward FDI更多>>
Huangs mother shows her daughter how to insert a straw into a bottle in this photo taken on April 19. 2018-6-14 
If there is to be a real change, there will have to be diverse institutions and services for all players in the economy. 2016-10-8 
On Saturday in Cangnan county, Zhejiang province, after a conflict between chengguan officers and residents, a man who took pictures of the patrol was injured by the officers. 2017-9-20 
The city of Beijing will build 20 industrial clusters to promote the cultural industry by 2020, according to two official plans which have set a goal on the industrys contribution to GDP as well. 2015-5-25 
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Wilfried Bony joined Manchester City from Swansea on Wednesday to strengthen the English Premier League champions striking options and fulfil his dream of playing in the Champions League. 2015-12-23 
The index stood at 0. 2019-8-26 
The host of the exhibition is offering a reward so people will help search for the missing duck. 2016-12-28 
Chinese companies support COVID-19 fight in Kenya更多>>
Motorists brave the sandstorms in Kashgar, southern part of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on April 16, 2013. 2015-10-23 
9-magnitude earthquake at 5:17 pm local time Saturday and a 5. 2019-1-23 
The government should take timely measures to restrict the uses of automobiles. 2019-9-30 
Women of Dai ethnic group perform during a folk custom and culture festival marking the San Yue San (the third day of the third lunar month in Chinese calendar) in Shizong county, Southwest Chinas Yunnan province, April 12, 2013. 2019-3-10 
The competition will depend on which can offer better services with lower costs, he said. 2017-8-13 
Related Story:China expected to be listed among high-income countries by 2022 from peopleReform will boost the growth potential of Chinas economy, and China is expected to achieve GDP per capita of ,600 in 2022, making it a high-income country, said Cai Fang, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, Shanghai Securities News reported. 2017-10-7 
The third researcher is Ling Lizhong, who still works for the museum. 2015-9-7 
The European Commissions latest forecast puts Chinas expectedeconomic growth at 6. 2019-8-7 
  Guangxi nurses dedication brings her recognition更多>>
The National Development and Reform Commission will promote the regions emergence in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, in an effort to transform Northeast China into an important window of opening-up to the north and a pivot of cooperation in Northeast Asia. 2016-9-24 
China doubters believe there is good reason and related history for the crashing of the Chinese economy, but the worlds second largest economy is just too complicated to predict, due to its unique political, social and financial conditions. 2019-7-13 
They teach the young through activities and give them knowledge and expectations about these folk customs. 2018-4-15 
When she saw it, Liu said: She was almost crying . 2015-4-21 
The new factory is an important part of Fischers expansion in China, with the company already running one fixing systems and two automotive factories in Taicang, covering 10,800 square meters. 2019-12-18 
She has spent half her time in either place since. 2015-10-2 
The lowering of the registration threshold is such a bliss for those who start empty-handed. 2016-9-23 
Park, who has repeatedly pledged to mend icy ties with the northern neighbor, has yet to speak publicly on the new UN resolution and the subsequent reaction from Pyongyang. 2016-6-1 
China unveils policies to revitalize Northeast更多
Chinas sees brisk growth in infrastructure investment in Q4 2018更多
  Petersburg, Florida, the IBF approved an ambitious plan to establish a Belt and Road Region, incorporating the 60-plus nations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe that are participating in the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. A volunteer practices her smile with a chopstick in mouth, May 16, 2012. 99 yuan () per share, which would represent a price-to-earnings ratio of 67 times. Fan said that compared with the northern part of the autonomous region, the southern part of Xinjiang is generally poverty-stricken. Said Murray: It was so dark at the end.
  The rig, which started drilling on May 2, had completed the first phase of operation and entered the second phase on May 27. Xiong said the ministry was also working to toughen environmental protection standards. The property consultancy said that more than 60 percent of the 45 international retailers it surveyed missed their targets due to a range of factors, including difficulty in finding good sites and a slowdown in expansion plans as the government put the brakes on wasteful spending and corruption, which curbed a general demand for gifts. Sundiro just made a major investment in Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo.